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Music that is universal, timeless, that lodges itself deep in the mind of the listener.
Some songs, when heard for the first time, have such a rich sense of familiarity that you'd be forgiven for thinking they had been around forever. Johannes Tibursky is the singing, song-writing, musical phenomenon behind just this kind of song.

His musical roots lie in the British alternative scene of the 70s and 80s with bands like Echo & The Bunnymen and the Jesus and Mary Chain, but also with the likes of Joy Division, and David Bowie. These influences, together with the those from his home town, Berlin, have served to shape the unmistakable sound that is TIBURSKY.

Over the years he has released a string of albums and singles as singer and principal songwriter of the band Prussia, as well as producing a similarly impressive body of work under his own name, TIBURSKY, while at the same time composing numerous, outstanding soundtracks for cinema and advertising projects.